Some of the ways you can choose
to start your adventure with me

Some of the ways you can choose to start your adventure with me


Welcome to ‘Discovery’ – my popular and loved proven signature system! A 12-week immersive 1:1 coaching experience connecting midlife women to their innate magic and spirit of adventure.
What does ‘adventure’ mean to you? Adventures can be big and small. Scary and exciting. Life-affirming and life-changing.

I help midlife women claim their spirit of adventure, whatever ‘adventure’ looks like for them. Let me show you how!


Welcome to ‘Glow’ – an 8-week transformational 1:1 Positive Psychology Coaching Programme helping you create bigger, better and faster results in your personal life and professional life. Glow uses the science and research of his powerful modality to create a life that is thriving and flourishing! It is an enlightening, fascinating and beautiful process.

Say Hello to Happy

Welcome to ‘Say hello to happy’ – a 4-week self-study coaching programme for busy females who want quick results and haven’t the time to commit to hours of self-development.

A super fun and accessible introduction to your coaching and development journey, and a deeper dive into the magic of you! Perfect for those who like a self-paced option or those new to coaching and personal development.

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