When it all goes t*ts up…

When you look in the mirror now, who do you see?

Someone different from last year? Someone even different from last month?

This time last year, I was the woman taking home a comfortable monthly salary, driving the company car, in a senior role with a brand leader, with a well respected reputation in my industry. An influencer & action taker. Financially secure, stable, with disposable income.

Who am I now? Who is the new version of me? What do people value me for? What do I value myself for?

Right now, I feel stripped back, without the fancy title, the influence, the car, the predictable monthly pay cheque. So, what do I attach my value & worth to now?

This is where it gets interesting! This is where I realise my value is not just attached to how much money I make, my reputation, the title on a business card & flashy material possessions.

This is where I WAKE UP and realise that it is … ME.

I BRING THE VALUE. I AM the value. ME. No bells or whistles.

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