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Before I started working with Fiona I was struggling with some limiting beliefs and tunnel vision about ways of taking my career to the next level. I was also feeling a lack of motivation to exercise, needed to lose some weight and lacked body confidence.

In just a few weeks the insights and breakthroughs I have had have been phenomenal. I am altogether fitter, healthier and happier – this has been an unexpected by-product of working on my mindset. 

My self belief and positivity is incredible and I trust that I am on the right track in my career. I have been presented with some fantastic, out of this world opportunities regarding my career and I now have complete faith that I will succeed.

The biggest tangible result is the increase in my level of confidence and positivity in all things, personal and professional. Thank you Fiona – you are awesome!

FE - Entrepreneur

My work with Fiona has helped me to create an incredible shift in my life during a critical time.

In just an hour she was able to expertly guide me into some deep historical grief and trauma which has continued to create cycles of depression, anxiety and self sabotage in my life.

As we navigated together, we sourced the unconscious commands that were triggering so many of my “episodes” and making it difficult for me to even show up for work.

I felt hopeless about creating success for myself, and today I feel lighter, more connected, more free.

I am so grateful for this restoration of power, truth and her ability to invite me home within myself and home within the larger context of community and possibilities that I’m striving for.

EP - Entrepreneur and Coach

“Who are you today versus before working with Fiona?

My mindset has been transformed!  I am more optimistic, positive and have phenomenal self belief and confidence..!

Why were you curious to work with Fiona Drake and her Game Changer Programme?

My own interest in the Law of Attraction & Fiona’s unique LOA offering. Fiona’s positivity and light is infectious!”

Would you recommend Fiona and her coaching programmes? If so, why?

Absolutely – it is a Life Changer.”

CG - Entrepreneur

“Before I met Fiona, I was drowning in work, felt guilty all the time and putting others before me. 

Fiona has woken me up completely: she has allowed me to take a helicopter view of my life and I have the strength to say no to things that do not serve me.

I have a renewed sense of purpose, I am finding time to go to the gym, and I am feeling a more deep sense of connection to those close to me. 

I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough, she has quite literally changed my life!”

KP - Business Owner

Where are you today versus before the working with Fiona Drake and the Game Changer programme?

I am now laser focused, my self-confidence and self-belief in myself and my abilities are off the chart! I am so consistent with my morning daily routine which is driving continued success and proven results.

Why were you curious to work with Fiona?

I had seen results firsthand with a friend of mine. I knew Fiona had the consistency, success and tenacity to get me on track even though she wasn’t working with men at the time. I loved the way Fiona interviewed you to see if you are the right client for her.

What results have you achieved?

I launched a new company producing a new project within 6 weeks. I attracted a sponsor for the project in our third week of launch.

FM - Entrepreneur

What were you struggling with before you started working with Fiona?

A daily routine, vision and confidence. I was drifting, not sure where I was going. I needed to focus on my business and myself. 

What insights and break throughs have you had so far?

I have created a morning routine which is personalised and working for me. Feeling more aligned to my business and embracing it more. I feel more self belief, confidence and assertiveness.

What is the big tangible result/s you have had so far as a result of working with Fiona?

My confidence and self belief! I am not looking for validation from anyone or anything anymore. I am so confident around my business. I am enjoying renewed relationships.

KM - Business Owner

What are your most powerful breakthroughs after working with Fiona?

My self confidence, massive self belief, laser focus and consistency!

What was unexpected about this journey?

That I could be SO focussed and apply myself so consistently. How quickly the changes came! And how the 1:1 accountability made such a difference.

What’s the biggest result you are proud to have created from the programme?

The laser focus I have on my current work project to deliver it and bring it to fruition – and the results I am gaining.

Where do you feel really strong right now?

Self confidence, my business acumen, consistency and my self belief!

FM - Entrepreneur

Thank you with all my heart and soul for sending the amazing Fiona my way.

Her subconscious “reprogramming” session is a wonderful tool.

Fiona made me realise connections I would have never have thought of. By going deep, she shifted my perspective and brought an instant clarity to my mind.

I switched from confusion and nearly giving up on my dream to having clear actions I must, and want, to take to follow my dream and my mission!

I’m grateful for this experience. I’m excited about what is to come. Bless you and your amazing work!

SB - Business Owner

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