I have decided to present my Master your Money Mindset Masterclass once again in person!
This has received rave reviews when I have delivered this interactive Masterclass times before and I am excited to share it again with you!
In this 3 hour interactive workshop you will learn:
1. To understand your deep seated beliefs about Money
2. The 5 Universal Principles which will skyrocket your Money Mindset Mastery
3. The Practical, Spiritual and Emotional aspects of Money
4. How to use transformative tools to create your NEW Money Mindset
5. The Bonus Magic Sauce to really Mastering your healthy relationship with Money
You will leave with:
1. A true understanding of your beliefs and how they may have framed your experiences and how you can create NEW helpful beliefs
2. A toolkit to continue your NEW healthy Money Mindset journey
3. Knowing how to powerfully use your words, your actions and thoughts to your prosperity advantage
4. Having experienced powerful teachings, meditations, visualisations and exercises to elevate your awareness
5. An up-level of your Mindset in relation to Money and Wealth Consciousness
Places are limited and tickets are only £44 per person.
Water and a selection of hot drinks provided.
You can book your ticket for £44 using this PayPal link:
Where you see £00.00, just add in £44.00
Please ensure you add you email and name and date of event.
4th September 2021
10am – 1pm
Cheshire East location to be confirmed
To secure your place, please DM me and I will send you all the info!