And so here I am still in the UK.

Today I was due to be flying to LA for my coaching retreat. To stay in a beautiful house with my coaching sisters, for a week of self development, connection and learning.

I thought long and hard about whether to go. I am not one for joining in with hype and chaos, and have been keeping away from the news, the media and the drama.

However, I had to get some details on the practical aspects to understand the implications of travel to the US.

I meditated, I reflected, I went within, and my conclusion was not to travel. The old ‘egoic driven’ Fiona would have definitely been out to prove nothing would stop her and she would be on that plane! However, I have grown, I have realised things are bigger than me sometimes, and that curveballs can happen in life and how we respond to them is key.

So, here I am – and guess what? I now have a bonus week with no plans! And I am going to use it well. I listened to a brilliant video by John DeMartini – he said if we have plans that are cancelled or travel postponed to make sure we use that time for our highest priority, that we fill it with value.

And do you know, I have been searching for free time to de-clutter my home, get to the waste disposal site, to the charity shops and to sell some things I no longer need.

So, there we have it – if you have been thrown a curveball and you are now no longer travelling or attending an event – what can you do with this bonus time that can used for your highest good?

Sending you all healing and calm vibes at this time.

Lots of love x