Women, are we giving away our power by saying ‘I’m sorry’?

Yesterday, I was at my Saturday morning Strongman/Strongwoman session, and unusually, this week, it was all women. No problem for me, either way.

Anyway, what I noticed was how many of these amazing, strong, fit and vital women used one word …. a lot! That word was SORRY!

“Sorry, I wasn’t quick enough.” or “Sorry, I went to the wrong exercise station” or “Sorry” when explaining how they felt.

We need to STOP saying SORRY when we don’t need to! Saying sorry when it is not required can disempower us, and is not a healthy energy to emit.

Instead of saying “Sorry, I am late!”, say “Thank you for waiting.” Instead of apologising for rowing slower than others, say nothing, or say “Thanks guys, I did my best!”

Start to notice how many times YOU say sorry, and become aware. Start to remove this word from your vocabulary and only use it when it is really is warranted.

Importantly, I am not endorsing NOT saying sorry when it is needed. I am not condoning poor behaviour either.

Sorry is a vital and powerful word. Let’s choose to use it wisely and when it will land as it is intended.

I am a Mindset Coach working with female business owners and entrepreneurs. By consciously modifying language, thoughts and actions, we can start to manifest in the life we really desire, in our professional and personal lives.

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