A simple guide to my signature 1:1 coaching system: Game Changer.

12 1:1 weekly transformational coaching calls delivered personally by me, fully supported throughout. Completely bespoke to you and your needs. We get clear on where you have handed your power over to limiting beliefs, we establish what you’re committed to, and we birth your purpose and calling. We gain clarity on your core values and what is in alignment with you. We set clear tangible goals and we use subconscious reprogramming techniques to transform your mindset for success, to smash through limitations and start living your best life!


  • “I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough, she has quite literally changed my life!”
  • “Fiona’s positivity and light is infectious. Her coaching was a life-saver!”
  • “After working with Fiona, I launched a new company producing a new project within 6 weeks. I attracted a sponsor for the project in our third week of launch.”
  • “I honestly feel like a very different person, lighter in mind, physically active, a new business model and I have boundaries in place that have enriched family relationships more than ever before!”
  • “Fiona helped me switch from confusion and nearly giving up on my dreams to having clear actions to follow my dream and my mission!”

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