I was the epitome of ‘doing’.
Zipping from task to task constantly trying to control outcome.
Running on empty, using every spare minute I had to work, complete tasks, plan and prepare.
This type of life is exhausting, yet I believed this is how I could achieve success. And yes – I achieved much success by using this method – but I ended up unhealthy, unbalanced, overwhelmed and unhappy all at the same time!
Seems a world away from the life I live now!
I discovered many different ways to step into my power.
One of them was learning to be still.
When we are running from one thing to another, we give our minds no time to relax, to replenish, restore or rest. So our thoughts become less coherent, and we can be more chaotic in our methods, and yes, feel more stressed.
It might sound counter intuitive, but when we are busy, or faced with hefty demands, stopping to breathe, meditate and relax is actually really productive!
That few minutes of ‘pause’ allows our nervous system to calm, our mind to become less ‘woolly’ and we start to think more clearly.
So, I invite you to take time to pause.
We may be attuned to the spinning of many plates, but by stopping to pause and to give ourselves a break, could allow us to spin them even more effectively.
I work with amazing professional women all over the globe helping them enhance and transform their life by showing how they can incorporate mindful practices into their daily routine.
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