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Here’s what a recent client has to say:
“When I contacted Fiona, I was stuck in a rut.
I had lost momentum at work and at home. Work-wise, I started the year with so much enthusiasm, I had several challenging but very rewarding projects on my plate and I was looking forward to doing them justice.
Somewhere along the way however, imposter syndrome set in, my self confidence started to falter, my progression on the projects started to slow down.
When COVID and the lockdown hit, I stopped working on them altogether, they remained in the back of my mind, a constant reminder of how I had been the wrong person to lead them and the weeks ran by with me just anxiously waiting to be called out on it.
I decided that I had nothing to lose.
During my time with Fiona, she coached me through my blockers with the work projects and my own internal monologue.
I came away from the session not only with the motivation to get going again but with a clear set of actions/steps to begin with.
This session was definitely what I needed, in the weeks afterwards I was back to making progress on all of my projects and a set of positive affirmations to practice at home to work on drowning out those negative voices.
I think that sessions like these are invaluable to maintaining a healthy mindset. I love my chosen career and I wouldn’t hesitate to book further sessions with Fiona in order to continue on a path of progression and development.”
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