International Speaker, Positive Psychology & Mindset Coach  cheerleading female business leaders and entrepreneurs

International Speaker, Positive Psychology & Mindset Coach  cheerleading female business leaders and entrepreneurs

I absolutely love my life!

I couldn’t quite say that so emphatically a few years ago.

Welcome to you! My name is Fiona Drake. I am a Transformational Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Licensed Workshop Leader in the philosophies of Louise Hay, Law of Attraction Coach and Mindful Wellbeing Coach. I am also very proud to be a Soulciété Certified Spiritual & Business Coach.

In 2021, I also became a Certified Positive Psychology Coach.

So, let’s roll back the clock a little – yes, I achieved my dream career, had climbed the ladder of success, and was proud of what I had attained, against the odds. I left school with little or no qualifications, but I worked super hard to make my mark on the corporate world. And I did so becoming Sales & Marketing Director for a UK leading brand.

Working hard and achieving is all I have known. However, in 2016, it dawned on me that my life was very unbalanced.

I realised that my head was constantly full of to-do lists, actions not completed and tasks awaiting conclusion. I began to feel anxious, pre-occupied and feel like I wasn’t achieving results like I knew I could.

I started to feel exhausted, full of overwhelm and like there was never enough hours in the day. I was working really hard to uphold my reputation and trying to control everybody and everything to succeed. On top of this, I was feeling lethargic, unhealthy and sacrificing my health and wellbeing in place of success.

I became so ‘married to the job’ that there was no physical or emotional space for friends, family and potential partner.

And one day, after a sustained few years of working like this, my body took charge and gave me a wake-up call I could not ignore. So, with that, I decided to make changes in my life – conscious changes that allowed me to realise my potential, continue to achieve and attain, but this time with ease, flow and joy.

If you are anything like me, your career is your world: you love it! But this level of commitment as I described above cannot be sustained – something has to give. And that is either you find different and smarter ways of working, or something gives way, like your health or relationships.

I am here to help you with the former. Making changes in your professional life that allow you to aim for your goals, continue to achieve your dreams, and succeed.

I show you the toolkit I used to bring balance into my life. To have faith in your own internal sat nav and reveal the power we all have inside to make the magical changes to transform our lives.

I know I was put on this earth to work, to achieve and to attain. And I did that – nearly at the expense of my health and happiness! Now I know the secrets to achieving results, being the best in my game, and how I can achieve that without the burn out, the stress, the overwhelm and exhaustion.


Let me show you how.

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